Print & Graphic Design

To complete a thorough brand campaign, we seamlessly integrate strategic and harmonious marketing collateral. Whether it’s brochures or expansive visuals, if it mirrors your brand identity, consider it our domain.

Connect with your customers right where they are.

Before the era of email marketing, traditional direct marketing was the go-to strategy. Harpoon has its roots in that era and remains skilled in conventional marketing techniques. In simple terms, this tried-and-true approach involves marketers identifying their target audience and strategically placing ads where they will be seen, heard, or interacted with offline. This could encompass print advertisements, direct mailers, catalogs, doorbusters, billboards, as well as radio and television ads. Our expertise lies in crafting engaging and memorable direct marketing pieces that motivate recipients to take action.

Traditional direct marketing

Traditional direct marketing remains a realistic, effective, and crucial approach for marketing certain businesses and services. Despite the significant changes in the world and the plethora of marketing channels available today, direct marketing stands out as a valuable targeting tool in your marketing toolkit.

THE POWER OF DIRECT Direct Marketing Design

In the present digital age, some of the world's most esteemed brands actively leverage printed direct mail to create a substantial impact. Harpoon has crafted a diverse range of direct marketing materials for brands, serving as a crucial touchpoint along the entire customer journey. The effectiveness of direct marketing in building trust has been proven, and it has the potential to significantly enhance campaign results.

Core Solutions

Great design helps convey complex messages or information in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner. It enhances communication by combining visuals with text.

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