Web Design & Development

Our Charleston-based web design team builds responsive websites for clients that combine the skills and knowledge of your sales and marketing team with our expertise in UX design, to create the most compelling customer journey.

Web Design & Development

Why Harpoon
Empower your business with a website that commands attention and sets you apart from the competition.

Is your business website failing to reflect the professionalism and capability of your brand, leaving you hesitant to share it with potential clients? Don't let an outdated or unrepresentative website hold you back any longer. It's time to elevate your online presence and showcase your business with pride.

Your business deserves a website that grabs attention, guides users effortlessly, and outshines the competition. Based in Charleston, SC, Harpoon boasts an award-winning team dedicated to crafting distinctive web designs that elevate your brand above the rest.

Phase One: Discovery / Gathering Information

The first step in designing a successful website is to gather information.
Many things need to be considered when designing the look and feel of your website, so you are first asked a lot of to help get a clear understanding of your business and your needs in a website. Certain things to consider are:


What is the purpose of the site? Do you want to provide information, promote a service, sell a product, etc.?


What do you hope to accomplish by building this site? Two of the more common goals are to make money or share information.

Target Audience

Is there a specific group of people that will help you reach your goals? It is helpful to picture your ideal customer. Consider their age, gender, or interests – this will help determine the best design style for your site.


What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on your site? Are they looking for specific information, a particular product or service, etc.?

Phase Two: Planning & Strategy

After our discovery stage, we delve into your requirements and objectives, formulating a tailored website strategy. Once finalized, we present this strategy to your team for alignment and approval, ensuring we're on track to achieve your goals.

Here we develop a sitemap – a list of all the main topics and sub-topics for your website. This gives us a guide as to what content will be on the site and is essential to developing a consistent, easy-to-understand navigational system.

This is also where we decide what technologies should be implemented – contact forms, custom post types, specific plugins, etc.

Phase Three: Design

Drawing from the information gathered to this point, we determine the look and feel of the site.


Target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration here. A site aimed at young adults, for example, will look much different than one meant for a financial institution. Branding elements such as your company logo and colors are also incorporated into the design to help strengthen your company’s identity on the website.

Phase Four: Development

This is where the functional website itself is created.

Upon your endorsement of the strategy, we proceed to craft your website's content. Our designers then leverage this content to inspire the creation of a visually stunning and intuitively functional website, ensuring a seamless fusion of form and function

Phase Five: Testing and Delivery

At this point, we make revisions, attend to the final details and test your website.

‍Once we reveal the design to you, you'll have two rounds of revisions to ensure it meets your vision. Additionally, we conduct rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance and functionality before your site goes live.

This marks the official launch of your website, as it is now viewable to the public.

Phase Six: Maintenance

Maintenance plans are available for our existing clients, ensuring that we can maintain an ongoing partnership to keep your website up-to-date and current.

With a maintenance plan, we can perform tasks such as regular website backups, updates to software and plugins, content updates, addition of new content, design enhancements, performance optimization, and more.

Ensuring that your website runs on the latest versions of software and installed plugins is especially important for security reasons. This process should always be preceded by a complete backup of both the site files and database, just in case.

Website Optimization
Higher SEO Rankings → Increased Traffic → More Quality Leads

Every day, Google processes around 5.6 billion searches, assessing various factors to determine the ranking of websites like yours in search results. SEO services focus on optimizing your website's pages to improve rankings. Higher rankings lead to more clicks, translating into increased business opportunities for you.

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Digital Marketing Services
Drive website traffic & get more leads.

Digital marketing strategies enable you to engage with your target audience, guiding them towards your website and ultimately closer to becoming your customers. With numerous digital marketing tactics available, choosing the right methods can be daunting. Let the expertise of the Engenius team guide you towards the most effective strategies for your business.

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